The Megacharge Thing

Clad me my roof
In silicon tiling
And fasten a turbine
Above it.
Channel my shit
Through a methane digester
And then give it back
Let me burn it.
Plug in my car
To my home-powered grid
And then let me drive
To the limits
Where the shops and the buildings
Are living green creatures
And the creatures inside them
Wear home knits.
Oh, let the wind blow
Let the breeze power homes
Let the sun and its warmth
Be our saviours.
All that we need
Is for some clever geek
To work out how to keep
All that power
Around us
For longer.
A battery that lasts
That doesn’t go flat
That gives us a burst
When we need it.
Some real life dilithium
Not zinc alkalinium
Or the rarity lithium
Something we have
By the million.
Like sand or potatoes
Or water or who knows
Even glass might
Be worth looking into.
When that comes along
The Megacharge thing
We will laugh at how
Simple it is.
And how stupid we were
For simply not seeing
That it isn’t the making
The juice that’s the problem.
It’s the storing
And keeping it

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