A Sea Of Troubles

Adrift upon a sea of troubles,

where all the bad things seem to double,

but raise your head and look around,

look at the sea above the ground,

the bright blue, cloudless, jetless skies,

the sun so bright it fills your eyes;

breathe, and smell the grass so green,

and see the blooming cherry trees;

hear the soft sound of the wind,

the flutter of a starling’s wings,

feeding its new darling things;

the voices in the neighbour’s yards

unlaboured now, and working hard

to get through yet another day

that’s just like every other day.

But all days end and this one will

we don’t know how or when but still

the end will come and when it does

what world will there be left to us?

A different one than this, for sure,

one harder, darker, less secure,

but even then this bleak new world

will still be full of pretty girls

and boys, and all the sights to see

will still be there for you and me.

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