Dirty Money

bitcoins and u s dollar bills

Dirty Money

What is a billion?

How much is that? How big is that?

In dollars or pounds or euros

or whatever kleptocurrency these

fat cats

prefer to steal,

the dirty money

that the billionaires hide

behind their walls of improperty,

is bigger in their minds

than the worth of all

the little people of the world.

Imagine how much better

those little lives could be

with just a little bit of that


What do they get from it,

these gross, greedy, Greens,

these African bleeders of the people,

these Russian bare-faced liars and cheats,

these patrician British politician sects?

What do they want it for,

and why do they always want

ever more?

My home city

has a pretty park,

has homes for the poor,

has a museum, and more,

a trust that works for

the people of the city,

all given for the common good

by a man called Graves.

That name will live on, and on, and on

in honour.

The names of these billionaires,

so rich in filth,

will one day be gone,

spat upon,

and soon forgotten.

Payback comes in bitter coin.


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