I am Unpainted, Picture Me

a young boy

I am Unpainted, Picture Me

I am unpainted, picture me

And colour me with funny

Outline me as happy please

Expose me as sunny

Etch for me my steely heart

Fill me in and sketch my foibles

Draw me and my cares apart

Brush me in essential oils

Make me bright, not grey

Set me in a crimson lake

Show my gesso underpaint

Pen me in a mortal frame

Let them see my horns

I am a work in progress

And so I’m sure are you

Our lives are art unfinished yet

Our portraits often blue

Our hearts are all a bloody red

Our still life many hued

I see me so overdrawn

By my ham-fisted hand

Coloured beige, a feeble fawn

Just an image of a man

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