A Dreamcatcher

a dreamcatcher

A Dreamcatcher

I have a dreamcatcher.

It hangs from my desk lamp;

Bright orange,

Trailing feathers,

A web.

A web of dreams.

A web made of many strands

Radiating outwards.

I am at the centre.

All my dreams

Begin and end

With me.

In my dreams

All things are possible.

Each strand leads to me,

Each strand runs from me,

Each strand is a thought.

That intersects

With other strands,

Other thoughts.

Just as my life

Touches other lives,

And other lives touch mine.

The geometry,

The perfect shaping, spacing,

The pattern,

Draw together and multiply

The integrity, the strength,

The meaning,


The few or many

Degrees of separation

Between each strand

Each thought

Each known thing

In my mind.

Whenever I’m stuck

I sit and stare at it

Hoping for a catch

And sooner or later

Something sticks.

The dreamcatcher is a gift

To me,

Inspired by a great King,

And I love them both.  

[I thank you, Stephen Edwin.]    

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