Hello, Mister Putin

Hello Mister Putin. 
How the hell are you?
Are happy with your work today?
Are you pleased at what you do?
Have you murdered any democrats
With other people's hands?
Have you slaughtered any innocents
In other people's lands?
It's funny how the world sits back
And lets you do these things.
Oh, but of course, you've paid them off. 
How do you pay off kings?
And while we're here, how do you sleep?
Does guilt not play a part
In any little thing you do
I guess you need a heart.
We see you going walkabout
And there among the proles
Were people who might vote you out,
But you will kill them all.
We see that you have many men
Around you all the time
Caligula had much the same
You share at least some crimes.
How can you not see history?
The book of times gone by
Where will be writ in future years,
'he lied and lied and lied'.
You laugh and say, 'It's my time now,
The strong man makes the truth.'  
That lie was told some years ago
When Hitler was a youth.
It's funny how you scummy men
All fear democracy
The way that drunken Junker does,
Bashar and Kim and Xi.
You put the ballot box on view,
And so the people vote
Exactly how you tell them to,
Although the scars don't show.
It would be really funny if
The voters said just leave
But that will never happen now
Your rule is to deceive.
You've broken it, the way of life
That Athens gave to us
The way where we all had a say
Has gone without a fuss.
What frightens me the most of all
Was told by Eric Blair.
In 1948 he wrote
That tale of present years.
He said that truth becomes the lie
That war becomes the peace
When everything is doublethink
And no-one disagrees.

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