Truth is a very malleable thing.

What you recall of an event,

of an incident or happening,

may be factually accurate

but completely mistaken.

You may remember the sequence of events

in the way you want them to have happened,

or the way that causes

the least pain or embarrassment,

but what actually happened,

the real truth,

is probably different to what you believe.

It’s all about perception.

When you said,

“I love you,”

what do you think you meant?

Did you mean love?

Or was there some insincerity there,

some lack of conviction, perhaps,

that made it mean the opposite

of what you said.

And what was heard?

Was it “I love you,”

or was it, “I want you,”

or “I need you,”

or even, “I don’t want you to love anyone else.”

Did you say it for her, or was it more for you,

to make you feel better about yourself?

It’s all about perception.

The truth is a very malleable thing.

6 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Myth says:

    Really good description here of perception! A friend and I were just having this exact conversation the other day. We were talking about our kids growing up and how they recall events of their lives. And how they each recall the same event in a different way! Clear cut writing by you each post! Very nice!


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