Nobody Even Looks

Some days you wonder why you bother.

You sit and you search and you find them,

these unwilling words, you creep up on them

gathered there, unaware, lettering your

head, an alphabet soup of nonsense,

you catch them and you string them together,

cage them forever in the prison of the page,

juggle them up and down, muddle them around,

worry over them, care for and caress them,

make them into something by you, from you,

of you.

And nobody sees them.

Nobody finds them.

Nobody even looks for them,

these highly strung and overwrought,

overblown and overthought words of yours,

because they are hidden by millions,

squillions, quadrillions and gazillions

of other words, by other writers,

who seem to know better than you,

to know the right things to write,

every one of which seems to be

SEO much easier to find

than yours.

Some days you wonder why you bother.

2 thoughts on “Nobody Even Looks

  1. araykay says:

    Hi Luke. I wrote the post because your work is good and I like it a lot. I’m glad it made you happy. I’m not after any reciprocal stuff. I can’t do critiques either. And don’t build your hopes up about my books. No, really, don’t. Keep writing, my friend. You have a talent and it should be more widely recognised.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Luke Otley says:

    Ricky, you have rendered me speechless in your praise of my stuff on my blog, I don’t mean to be over-dramatic but I have obviously never had a review of myself as a writer, let alone such a glowing one, and you’ve stuffed me up full of pride. I have just turned on mobile notifications for your posts. If you want to build an audience they will come with time as personally I find your work engaging. I cringe at myself trying to critique because I really have no basis or authority to do so. I just do it as best I can. I know there’s a lot of noise, but there’s also a lot of hurting people scratching around in the void. I try and write for joy of it but obviously seeking validation is natural. I haven’t sent anything off to publishers since 2016. It’s fantastic that you’ve written a novel. I will try and pick it up soon 🙂


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