Love To Like

Love To Like

When does love

Turn to like?

Is it in an instant,

Triggered by an incident,

A specific event

That you can recall

And remember forever?

Something they did

That disappointed you,

Or, perhaps, more likely,

Something you did

That offended them.


Was it all the things

You did


Or is it more gradual,

A long unwinding,

An erosion,

Like water on the rock

Of your love

That you thought

Would never wear?

And does it only end in like?

Does love diminish

Even more than that?

When there is nothing,

No feeling at all,

Is that the very end?

Is that terminal?

Or is that

Just how it is?

Is that how love really is?

A process of decay,

A natural law,

A divine mystery?

At the beginning,

You cannot see an ending.

At the end,

You cannot understand

The beginning.

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