Nothing To Believe

Nothing To Believe – poem

Do we really need gods?

Do we really need something

So unbelievably odd?

Something so nothing,

When all that exists

Is all that we see,

Why do we need this

Nothing to believe?

Is it simply because

We just can’t conceive

This is all there is for us,

This is all there can be?

Since before we found fire

We have needed our gods

To make sense of a life

That was scary and odd.

We needed old sots

To explain why we died

And then when they could not

They just made up lies.

But still we believed them

Because that’s what we wanted

We wanted their comfort

Although it was nonsense.

You’d think we’d have learned

After all of this time

That gods should be spurned

We should leave them behind.

Intelligent creatures,

If that’s what we are,

Should be looking for features

Of life in the stars,

Not looking at crosses

Or crescents or moons.

We might as well worship

Our knives, forks and spoons.

This faith stuff is saddening

It’s holding us back.

In fact it is maddening

It hides all the facts.

The facts are straightforward

There just is no god.

There just never has been,

There just never was.

Faith isn’t a blessing,

It’s really a curse,

It’s just window dressing

Or sometimes much worse.

Have faith in each other.

Believe in ourselves.

Help me to be better.

I’ll help you as well.

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