Creating Things

Creating Things

Creating things

making things

is frustrating

things don’t always come out

the way you want them to

that line can be too straight

that red, too bright

a smile can become a sneer

with just a little quaver

of the voice in your hand

too often

belief leaves you

and in its place you find its twin


which you then spread all over

the thing you are creating

making it ugly

and soon scrapped

paint can be too thick

ink too thin

wood too hard

clay unworkable

the light the dark the day the night

the words the words the words the words

all wrong

but sometimes

just sometimes

you keep that belief

you keep your strong voice

you say what you want to say

out loud

loud enough for even you to hear it

and you stay brave enough

for long enough

to show it to the world

and the world takes it in

and doesn’t spit you out

your work says to you

‘you made me’

and you say to it

‘you saved me’

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