The Way To Go

Dragging on, drawn out and drugged up,

demented or diseased,

and probably both,

the ending we will meet

is not likely to be the one

we would choose

for ourselves

if we had that choice.

That is not the way to go.

Go out kicking and screaming.

Go out shit faced and swearing.

Go out loudly, proudly disgraceful.

Go out without any vestige

of care or regret

or worry for what others

might think of you.

They do not matter.

You will not hear them afterwards.

Most importantly,

go out in a way that can’t be




Go and be memorable.

You will still be alive

in the minds of those

who knew you

long after you have left.

Bold and brash,

under a bright blue sky,

and smiling.

That is the way to go.

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