The Drink Problem

bottle of writers tears whiskey

People with the drink problem.

I simply can’t stand them.

Not the alkys or the winos,

not the mothers in a ruin of gin,

not the problem drinkers

who are afflicted with too much

affection for alcohol. No.

That is addiction.

The ones I hate

are the ones who drink badly,

and, sadly, you know who I mean.

The raucous, obnoxious, so

loud and so rude, overbearing,

swearing, who get lairy after

even mild beery banter.

They are so sure that their views

have more value than yours.

Of course, they do not.

They are just tosspots.

And, the reason I know this

inarguably, undeniably,

is that I almost certainly have

the drink problem.

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