Cheap ebooks For Christmas!

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Dear Reader

The nights are getting longer now. The holidays are coming, the goose is getting worried, and offers are heading your way.

These ebooks would make ideal Christmas presents for anyone you love, hate, or even those you are indifferent to.

If you hurry you can use these coupon codes to get them at half price or better.

A Midwinter Night Scream

This is the story of Neil, a sad man enduring a sad existence. All the people he ever loved are dead. On a midwinter night, after thinking too much and drinking too much, he decides to join them. But dying isn’t as easy for him as it was for them. Neil discovers that he has lost his soul, and a man with no soul cannot die, because he has no life to lose.

The book is due out on December 1st. Click here to get an early bird copy at 60% off at smashwords using the code ZY34L.

Mortality Tales

A collection of short, unsettling stories about bad things happening to ordinary people in everyday situations. You may not like all of them, but you will like some. And one or two will stay in your mind, lingering, slowly eating away at you. Every time you see a bare plaster wall or a hospital bed or a pretty cottage, you will think of these stories. And you will remember.

Click here to buy it at 50% off at smashwords using the code GW99K.

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