The Caught Jester

boris johnson the clown king

The Caught Jester

This country has been belittled,

made smaller by microbes,

the small men

who misrule us.

The prime amongst them,

the caught jester,

has lied so many times:

to his wives and mistresses;

to his poor children,

acknowledged and otherwise;

to his party, about his parties;

to parliament, about the primacy

of parliament;

and to the people about


This priviliged man,

this unprincipled prince,

the Bullingdon bully

who told the Eton wryful

that he wanted to be

world king,

is not even king

of his own castle, where

his queen holds him tightly

by the jewels.

He has been caught,

and should be out.

Off with his head!

The Clown King: how Boris Johnson made it by playing the fool

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