It All Keeps On Coming

driving into sunset

It All Keeps On Coming

driving on the motorway

the setting sun blinding

this son setting out

on the road to nowhere

to some other place

somewhere that is not here

I remember

we did this once before

a box van full of all we had

all of us all boxed in

mother and her brother up front

her kids penned up inside

like lambs to the slaughter

our whole life on wheels

rolling away from everything

from all that had gone wrong

to something unknown

that was not right

for a long time

leaving all those firsts behind

first kiss

first friend

first death

first sin

moving on to the next thing

to all the things that came next

because there is always next

there will always be next

it just keeps coming

everything carries on

with you or without you

moon and stars and seas and skies

love and hate and life and death

castles made of sand

something or nothing

being or not being

it all comes next

it all keeps on coming

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