I Take The Road Not Taken

man and woman walking on white sand

I Take The Road Not Taken

I like to take the wrong turns

that lead to lands unplanned,

to places yet unvisited,

and places still unmanned.

I take the road not taken,

the only one for me,

the road that leads to nowhere,

to somewhere I must be.

I turn and turn and turn again,

away from righteous paths,

I turn towards the wrong ways,

still do and always have.

I like the way they lead you

to there and there and there.

I love the way they take me

away from everywhere.

I know it sends you crazy

I know it gets us lost

but if we find each other

it must be worth the cost.

Let’s take this path together,

let’s walk it for a life,

let’s walk this path together,

let’s walk, my darling wife.

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