Hope Does Not Float In These Waters

Dead In The Water


it starts everywhere;

in the bushes of sudan,

in the rubble of aleppo,

in the craters of kandahar,

hope rises for new beginnings;

in bent and broken bodies,

it rises like wellwater,

a freshening, replenishing thing,

refreshing, bringing energy,

enough to carry

the remains of these people,

their hope,

over miles and miles

and miles of land,

through sun and rain and snow

and hunger

and hostility

and hatred,

through threats and cheats

and nothing to eat,

to these strange shores,

to the edge of their new beginning;

and, for some, hope will win,

there will be the triumph of life

in a land that will never love them;

but for some, for the others,

the hope of a new beginning

will just be an ending,

will be dead in the water.

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