A Short Flight of Stairs Leading Nowhere

a bride and groom posing on stairs

First Steps On The Walk Of Life

They pose for their wedding photographs

standing on a short flight of stairs

leading nowhere. In the evening,

they will meet friends and family,

and share with them the joy

of their union and the sorrow

of their lost freedoms.

Later, alone in their too small home,

there will be a too tired night,

and, in the morning,

a too early start

for a moon full of honey.

These are their first steps

on the walk of their life together.

There is a closed door

behind them. Before them

lie their hopes and dreams,

but here they are now,

completely in this moment,

this hoped for slice of eternity,

for that is how long love lasts,

isn’t it?

For eternity,

forever and always,

or, at least,

until they reach the bottom

of a short flight of stairs

leading nowhere.

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