Man Makes Good And Evil

putin as devel

Evil Is A Vile Way To Live

There are no evil stones.

There are no evil dogs.

There are no evil clouds,

no evil fields or homes,

no evil water,

no evil time,

no evil tree or plant or seed.

There are no evil moons or stars.

There are no evil worlds.

There are no evil mountains,

no evil seas,

no evil skies,

no evil lands.

There are no evil things.

There are only

evil people.

One thought on “Man Makes Good And Evil

  1. Dorothy Bedell says:

    How true Ricky,
    Thought you’d like to read this that Dave Bird wrote and put on Facebook:

    To Boris and NATO

    Your sanctions and your threats of trials,
    He just slaps your face and smiles,
    You’ve talked and talked and looked aside,
    While Ukraine baby martyrs died,
    Do not just stand and quake in fear,
    The time is now, the devils here.

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