These People In My Head

crazy person in the dark

They Tell Me I’m A LIttle Mad

All these crazy people

running through my head,

making such a babble,

all the things they’ve said,

stopping me from thinking,

taking all my words,

what is it they’re wanting?

Why are they all here?

I close my eyes to seeing

and cover up my ears,

but still I hear their noises,

hear all their raves and rants,

their million little voices.

I don’t need to know their wants,

their little, whispered words,

I don’t want to know their needs.

I wish I had unheard,

before they had set seed,

what they planted in my head,

instructions I must heed.

I want them to be gone,

I want them all to go.

What these crazy people want,

you just don’t want to know.

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