The Moment Of Triumph And Disaster


The Unforgiving Minute

all of those


that people want so much

the fancy cars

the big houses

the beautiful women

or men, WEVS

the money money money

the diamonds

the yachts

(perhaps not)

the villa in the sun

that is just here, elsewhere

the famous friends

who are neither here nor there

all of these things

all of them

all mean nothing

compared to that moment

that brief flame of time

when you were good

when you were better than anyone

when you were unbeatable, untouchable

when you were the best you would ever be

that magical, memorable moment

the one that will still be there

in the memories of strangers

in the minds of people

you never met

the witnesses

the ones who saw

the moment that still

will be in your mind

at the end of your time

the moment

when you won

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