After All This Time

photo of man and woman with a problem

This Is Where We Are


you left your feelings

sizzling in the kitchen

and I left my silence

ringing in your ears

yeah, but

you said you didn’t want to live like this

but we do, for better or worse

and I said I didn’t want to be that man

but I am, and made it worse

yeah, so

and I keep getting drunkensad

and you keep getting sobermad

and the thing that keeps getting us

is the same for both

yeah, still

when we look at each other

without the filter of a son

I’m not sure what we see now

a couple, or just two people

yeah, maybe

there are long days to come

days of just you and me

days and days and days

of being alone together

oh, yeah

and so after all this time

two retiring people

do not work

after all



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