Vladimir Will Be Putin Hell

putin at a guilty party

Sooner Or Later

these war days will end

the days of judgement will come

and days of justice

Shock and horror after Russia’s wave of strikes across Ukraine

One thought on “Vladimir Will Be Putin Hell

  1. SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ says:

    Dear Ricky,

    Russia has been a very bad neighbour indeed for many countries, even back in 2008 for Georgia. Given that the Eurovision Song Contest had just happened about ten days ago, let me resonate with the spirit and tenet of your post as follows with the 2009 entry into the contest by Georgia, aptly named “We Don’t Wanna Put In”:

    For your interest, here are the notes pertaining to the video:

    The disqualified Georgian Eurovision Song Contest entrants Stefane and 3G are now releasing the track across Europe and the UK and have made it clear their support will be with the UK entry this year.

    The band were disqualified from the competition owing to the controversial lyrics in their song Dont Wanna Put In which supposedly reflect anti-Russian sentiments and more importantly is a direct reaction to Putins involvement in the Russian Georgia conflict that was widely reported last year (Dont Wanna Put-in)

    The song became the winning song to represent Georgia at the Eurovision competition, with a large majority of the votes, but after huge complaints and uproar from the Russians (who are hosting the event this year in Moscow) the song was disqualified by the Eurovisions multinational panel of judges for violating the contests prohibition of songs with overtly political content. Georgia now have no entrant for the competition this year, the perfect case study to reflect Wogans views that Eurovision has become too political.

    The eccentric group who have been hailed as the return of disco are furious that they have been robbed of the chance to represent their country and have decided they are going to be releasing the track across Europe anyway on May 11th and this includes here in the UK. Funnily enough, it has been a huge hit on certain Russian websites that stream music.

    Ukraine has won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest due to popular sentiment!

    Both Russia and Belarus were not participants this year.

    Yours sincerely,

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