After The Money’s Gone

wheel diagram of lyrics from the song once in a lifetime

How Did I Get Here?

Waking every day knowing what is going to happen

Living in a place you can’t afford to live in

Working and working and working

Telling someone you hate that you love them

Trying harder than ever before

Doing the right thing

Realising that whatever you do is not enough

Being beaten by everything

Not being able to fight back

Looking at what you have

Realising that you will never have enough

Having all your options taken away from you

Telling someone you love that you hate them

Doing something bad for money

Doing it again

Trying to do the right thing

Trying again

Failing and failing and failing

Forgetting what the right thing is

Forgetting why it matters

Forgetting why anything matters

Hurting people

Hurting a friend

Hurting yourself

Waking every day knowing what is going to happen

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