June In Spain

auntie june

Happy Birthday To A Lovely Lady

I have an aunt who lives in Spain,

in Nerja, where it rarely rains.

She lives there in the warming sun

and even now she has her fun

with naughty daughter Suzy D

and friends and other family.

She was a peach when she was young,

is pretty still at umpty-one,

although today she may be blue;

this birthday she turns umpty-two.

She’ll just go on, though, as she does,

no worries, dramas, fights or fuss.

See, my Aunt June has lots of class.

She knows just how to hold a glass,

knows the clothes that suit her best,

would never go out badly dressed.

She never bores you when she speaks,

she always smiles each time we meet.

I love her and her daughter still.

I always have and always will.

[Russ and Jon – you’re okay, too

but this ode is not for you…]

Feliz cumpleaños, tía June!

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